Greetings Internet surfer. It appears your information superhighway travels landed you on PIG ALLEY MUSKETEER. If you are browsing for longer than the average nanosecond enjoy. I hope to be filling this thing up on a regular basis(depending on how busy I am at work, regular could turn into ‘almost addictively scorching pace’.)
Pig Alley Musketeer, like all good ideas, was concieved while I was sitting on the toilet and relishing the only place in my house where I can lock the door and keep my kids out. My point with this blog experiment is no different than if you watched ‘Best Week Ever’ or ‘The Soup’. I’m just another knucklehead with a computer, a DSL line, and an opinion. I’m just not on VH1 or E! when I make my comments like Mo Rocca. I hope to be posting some pics soon and please feel free to post comments, questions or anything else that might be burnin’ your biscuits.


One response to “Welcome.

  1. I’m so glad to see you blogging, can’t wait to read more!


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