The Real Sarah Palin

Apparently the media was harsh to Sarah Palin? Recently released interviews, now available for viewing on youtube, from John Ziegler’s documentary ‘Media Malpractice’, has Alaska’s governor frostier than an Eskimo without his seal skins on(Amazing how the director only released the Palin interviews to what should be a rolling good time for the Junior Republican debate teams across America when the documentary finally opens in theaters nowhere. Even he knows the polarizing effect Sarah Barracuda has on the US citizens). The governor serves up SNL, Katie Couric, and everyone else outside of Rush, Hannity, or O’Reilly for their unfair coverage of her lack of knowledge and accusations from within the McCain campaign of being a ‘rogue diva’. The media never portrayed the real Sarah Palin.
Does anyone really believe she was unfairly treated? Have you seen what the media has done with celebrities, musicians, and Brittany Spears? Perhaps she forgets Fox News’ attempts at piecing together anything capable of linking Obama to terrorism, Islam, or not being a natural born citizen? Even John McCain felt the chilly hands of Darryl Hammond’s impersonation of him. Yet, this is the arena she accepted to do political battle in when she took the Vice Presidential nomination. Despite the public forum of TMZ, bloggers, comedians, and Keith Olbermann waiting to pounce on her first sound bite, which happened to be a joke about pitbulls, hockey moms, and lipstick. A joke. That should have been our first warning about the qualifications of Sarah Palin.
What we discovered was the real Sarah Palin gave the media, in all of it’s varied forms, the ammunition it needed to commence it’s commentary, harsh or otherwise, on the governor. It was if the media was Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando as he loaded up his gear in that shed. All the media had to do was use the sound bites she provided for their late night sketches, blog reports, or Special Comments. Sarah Palin wasn’t characterized as anything but her winking, ignorant, very real self. She is the character we are laughing at. Take a close look at Tina Fey and you’ll see their looks are the last thing that is similar between the two. What you will find is Tina was able to embody the mockery of American politics that was Sarah Palin through inflection, tone, and simply reading back the transcripts from the Couric interview and Biden debates.
Is it the media’s fault if the governor looked like an elk caught in the lights of a gubernatorial hovering helicopter with a Bolt Action Winchester Model 70 aimed at her when asked what magazines or newspapers she reads? Are we harsh at her lack of knowledge concerning basic constitutional responsibilities of the nation’s second in command? Did she expect America to be okay with a $150,000 wardrobe? How about her inability to name a Supreme Court decision besides Roe v Wade? This was a woman who was running for the second most powerful position in the United States of America, not for the Wasilla General Store’s overnight manager.
And now we find her leaping into the spotlight again to complain about the media to, wait for it, the media. Sarah Palin seeks out attention like Lindsay Lohan seeks a bottle of Grey Goose. She craves it. More than likely she needs it to survive like a vampire needs our hemoglobin rich blood. So we will never see the end of Sarah Palin complaining about the media, talking about the first dude, explaining the subtleties of how the Peeping Tom foreign policy works, dropping a ‘maverick’ every other sentence, or winking at the camera. She is positioning herself towards the White House in 2012 and any publicity is good publicity. If it is 15,000 more interviews with Sean Hannity, having another kid, or a ten minute interview for a conservative documentary, the governor is sure to stoop to any level(even feigning her role as a victim)to keep our eyes on the character of Sarah Palin. Now, the question to be raised, whether that character is going to be played by the governor or Tina Fey? It won’t be the media who answers it either, it will be the real Sarah Palin.


2 responses to “The Real Sarah Palin

  1. The current SCOTUS threshold for a MUST STAY of BHO’s inauguration is not whether he is ultimately determined constitutionally ineligible to be POTUS, merely whether there now is SERIOUS QUESTION on his constitutional eligibility, since any determination of inelligibility AFTER inauguration would pose unnecessary civil and military difficulties.


  2. Dude, I think you missed the point of the entire article.


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