By the time you read this Barrack Obama will have been sworn in as our 44th President(of course by the time you read this blog Obama will probably be campaigning for the 2012 presidency). With his inauguration, we stand on the doorstep to maybe the change we need.
It is time this country cleanses itself from the Bush Cheney administration the likes of which make Karen Silkwood’s nuclear scrub seem like a bubble bath. For 8 years this country was treated to an Executive branch devoid of ethics, convinced of it’s Constitutionally warping perception of power, and champions of the blame game. The recently removed administration has pointed it fingers at Al Queda, Iraq, Weapons of Mass Destruction, advanced interrogation techniques for securing our nation, Brownie, Clinton, and the Democrats.

The administration has turned the typical and usual disagreements amongst our woefully inadequate 2 party majority system into the Yankees v Red Sox rivalry to the detriment of the moral standings of our country, our economy, and of course us. When do we stop fixing the blame for our problems and start fixing our problems?
Now. Now is the time. We are ripe for change and I for one hope our 44th President is able to bring that to us. Whether or not you cast your vote for Obama in November, it’s time to turn off Rush, and erase Fox News from your ‘favorite channel’ list on your cable remote because we do not need our thoughts and our hope soured by far leaning radicals.
(Author’s note: Come to think about it flip off Olbermann too we need to keep an even keel and Keith tends to, shall we say lean to the left. And by lean I mean he’s completely in the bag for the Democrats.) Here we go. Our country has a chance for a major second act. A John Travolta in Pulp Fiction sort of second act. And it all starts with and end to affixing a finger of blame for our problems and begins with fixing those problems.

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