Day 1

NY Comic Con
Friday, February 6th
Day 1
The night before the show I drove into the city. Thankfully it was late so the Lincoln Tunnel was no more busy than any street in the city of Reading(just a lot more honking). My cousin Adam, his business partner Scott and I were staying on West 82nd Street directly neighboring Central Park. It was Scott’s nephew’s 3rd story walk up where we were going to be staying for the weekend.
The morning of the show, after cracking our bones back into their proper positions(hard wood floors and sleeping bags tend to tighten up bones and muscles) we stumbled our way down the three flights of steps to find Adam and Scott’s van to be ticketed. Apparently it is illegal for a commercial van to be parked in a residential spot. So instead of the original subway idea we decided to roll the dice on taking the van(why not my cousin took the insurance on the van anyway?) down to the Javits Center. As luck would have it we found an open parking lot leaving us only four blocks to walk(which in New York is like saying you parked right next to the place).
The first three hours today are devoted to industry insiders, various vendors and exhibitors, and general VIPs. At 1 o’clock the doors open to the swelling crowd of costumed freaks and geeks salivating at their chance to be the first Captain Marvel through the doors. Until then we talk and schmooze with some true big wigs in the comic industry.
Time stands still for no superhero which means the time eventually reaches one and the wave of social misfits form a breaker as another wave of people enters behind. Those who decided against the Red Lantern tee shirt, Naruto head band, or all out full regalia of an Imperial class Stormtrooper suit seem to stick out more than the ones in garb. They are the ones who have a look of being more out of place than their designer jeans. Quite possibly they underestimated the true level of fandom going on at the Javits Center until they saw the guy in the Black Lightning unitard and lightning hued contacts.
(My inner geek is stoked to be apart of all of this.)
Amongst the wave of people who look as though they spent most of their high school years stuffed in a gym locker by the captain of the football team, stands some truly dedicated fans. Tee shirts, hats, power rings are okay but if you veraciously desire attention then you had better step it up as some of these fans did…
Anakin Skywalker. The chosen one had Jedi garments looking to be from circa the Clone Wars. Though he was not the Con’s only Anakin he was, strangely similar looking facially. While the movie version was a Jedi Master, our Skywalker looked as though he had spent one too many nights at the all you can eat Jedi Buffet on Coruscant.
A slew of Neon Genesis Evangelions, Hello Kitties, Bleach, and other Japanese imports stream by every booth(sadly Godzilla is nowhere to be found).
A pink bunny in blue overalls can be spotted. Full head to toe bunny outfit that has me thinking if this girl absorbed Ralphie Parker on Christmas morning before he was able to get to his Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle and out of his pink bunny present from his Aunt. I have no idea about the significance to the bunny but I am sure it has something to do with Anime or Manga stuff.
Baroness Anastasia DeCobray, aka the Baroness, made an appearance(shockingly Destro was no where to be found) in full black leather, glasses, and an assortment of deadly plastic guns. She must have found it difficult to navigate through the show since every prepubescent Spidey in the place was calling out for photos with her.
(Note: At a comic con like this, ask anyone garbed in something like a suit of homemade Mandalorian armor or tight red spandex for Dark Phoenix to pose for a pick and they instantly begin moving into pose mode. It is that position they take when their face becomes more serious, any weapon they are carrying gets put into action mode, and usually they crouch just a little bit. A little. What’s the point of dressing up if no one is going to make a big deal out of the costumes besides co-workers, potential love interests, and your parents who generally laugh instead of looking amazed because you nailed all the authentic markings on your Bobba Fett armor.)
My favorite of the day goes to Black Adam. In full leotard and Captain Marvel short cape came swooping in Teth-Adam aka Black Adam. Unfortunately for all in attendance, our Black Adam was a pale imitation of the comic character possibly going to be played by Dwayne Johnson in a live action movie. But I give him all the credit in the world for going outside in an outfit like that without one shred of the Wizard Shazam’s power.
At a booth around the corner from our tiny morsel of the massive event sits Jasmine Mai. Rumor has it Jasmine entertains as the #1 east coast import model and is a spokesperson for She is 5’0” tall, weighs 90lbs, and lists baseball players as a turn on and pushy guys as a turn off(so I have heard). While I never get close enough to hear her thoughts on the global economic crisis, I did see the 6” stilettos, mini skirt(a mini skirt that could have doubled as a dish towel as they both have the same square footage), and her enhancements…ahem. She stayed the entire 10 hour run. You have to admire a girl who can support being so top heavy on stilettos for 10 hours to say thanks to her fans(consisting of all the horny guys from ages 12-65 in a tri-state area).
The day winds down. The neap tide of geeks and XL sized superheroes finally recedes out into the streets of New York. Only empty bins that once held free buttons(gobbled up by passerbys), a floor littered with free handouts that never reached DarkHunter hand bags, and tired vendors remain. We clean up, talk between booths with one another, drink in one more long look at Jasmine, and we head out.
We are told Saturday is already sold out. The three of us mentally prep for more conversations with Dark Jedi and Sailor Moons. Tomorrow will come in due time. For now, the Batcave of geekdom is closed and we’re heading towards ‘Chipolte'(I was told they serve burritos bigger than Wonder Woman’s thighs and my inner geek is starving).

2 responses to “Day 1

  1. Whoa, you are a major geek. But it sounds like it was an awesome experience. Even I would have enjoyed myself. I can’t really say who my favortite character is, though. I’m sure you were loving your precise location so close to Jasmine, though. I was just wondering if she would fit into those 38DD bras you saw at Wal-mart. Probably not, probably too small. (Jimmy, they’re not real). Too bad your phone was broken, but I’m quite sure you managed to snap a few shots. Would this convention have anything to do with Kingdom Hearts? I have two boys who are nuts about Kingdom hearts. We made wooden keyblades. Rob’s is so big, the handle is a freakin’ flagpole. Duncan wears the gloves and the necklaces. He is trying to convinve me to buy him a full costume.Oh, and by the way, you forgot to mention what your costume was.


  2. I’m a total dork. Did you read my prologue? Kingdom Hearts? Probably. If it has anything to do with Anime, Manga, roleplaying, etc. it was there.I’ll be posting picks soon. I have them posted on my account under ‘people search’ search jetts31.(I thought it inappropriate for me to don my Sub Mariner speedo over the weekend. It was awfully cold in New York)


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