New York Comic Convention

NY Comic Con February 6-8, 2009
Jacob M Javits Center


Hey true believers. I’m a geek. Self professed geek(yet I have repressed some of it for the past few years…I did want to get married). I have been a geek since my mom bought me my Super Friends bed quilt when I was a kid(which I still have and use for it’s super protection against cold and still makes an awesome cape). So being invited to the NY Comic Convention to assist my cousin sell his(completely awesome) Comic Cubes for storing comic books, was quite a thrill for me and my inner geek.
Although I was going to be immersed in a world I have long took residence in, nothing could have prepared me for the magnitude of this comic convention. Former stars of stage, screen, and even professional wrestling ring, current stars(of the same venues), people from all facets of the comic book industry, video game companies like Atari, and adults(and kids) dressed in their favorite characters were descending upon New York City and the convention center. Hordes of people visited the Jacob M Javits Center over the three day convention for an opportunity to soak up all this socially awkward lifestyle had to offer.
My current economic status prevents me from blogging about all of this on my laptop as it happens(I’ve actually hit a point where my cell phone is not working and I have no money to get it fixed right now. Let’s hear it for the recession!). But despite my lack of technological toys, I still thought I would share with you the weekend I spent at the Jacob M Javits center amid a cluster of industry giants and the ravenous fans who have defined their success.
The next few entries are what took place during my time in New York City and at the convention as told by a lifelong geek.


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