Day 2

NY Comic Con
February 7th, 2009

Day 2

I begin my day by undoing the Chain Hitch knot my spine managed to twist into during the night. Adam, Scott and I jump on the subway and make our way down to the Javits Center. We have some time to spare so we stop in at the West Avenue Diner. Nothing can simultaneously make your stomach moan with satisfaction and gurgle with gas quite like a two egg special at a diner. Our bellies full with hash browns, eggs, white toast and some coffee, we make our way down the four blocks to get to the Javits Center.
Today, when we walk in, the line of people has increased in size and now has stretched to the point of having to form a ninety degree bend in it to allow space for entrance to the discussion panels downstairs. We grab our $4.00 Starbucks Grandes(as if our stomachs, full with grease, eggs, and starches needs anything else, let alone hot coffee) and head to the escalators.
I walk by a vintage ‘Tales of Astonish’ Wasp and Giant Man, the first Trekkie I have seen pops up in the shape of James T Kirk(I would have guessed a Spock would be more popular?),and the Honky Tonk Man. Yes, the WWF’s Honky Tonk Man. Sequent jumpsuit, prop guitar and the Shake, Rattle, and Roll finishing move Honky Tonk Man. He’s a little grayer now around the Elvis sideburns but this guy held the Intercontinental belt for 64 weeks! A still standing record. This day is starting out pretty surreal.
A quick flash of our ‘Exhibitor’ badge to the security guard perched on her stool at the bottom of the escalator gets us past hundreds of fans chomping at the bit to get into the Hall of Justice that is the 2009 Comic Con. I have to say, though it does not happen nearly enough, being able to enjoy VIP type credentials while others languish in long lines, is quite a feeling. A genuine stroke to my ego.
We set up the booth in preparation for the onslaught of fanboys sure to swarm the aisles for the next 10 hours. All three of us then split up and go out walking around again. The event is rather large so we want to get to some spots we either neglected yesterday or never knew about. On my way down the main artery of the show I take a quick peek over to Jasmine. It seems as though the #1 import on the east coast has chosen a two piece ensemble today that pays less attention to covering her. The top piece is more, shall we say, airy. The skirt is in two pieces tied together like a pair of Nikes going from the bottom up to the top of the skirt(whose distance may not be any longer than a dollar bill). Talk about devotion to your fan base? Facing cold winter temperatures she still manages to dress to impress. This supermodel gets it.
On my way to the guy doing a 10′ tall chalk picture of the Watchmen I spot a poster booth. Old school covers, movie posters, the works. My inner geek screams out for me to purchase the Amazing Fantasy #15 poster. I keep walking, ignoring my geek instincts. I check out the sidewalk art. Amazing. This guy is awe inspiring. He has been on his hands and knees since Friday and he tells me he has all day today and some of tomorrow to finish. He’s hoping the skin on his fingers doesn’t split open before he finishes.
I take a full lap down to the end of the Con before turning around to head back. Heading back I spot the autograph lanes(completely empty for another 45 minutes or so until the show begins) and sitting in the end lane is Peter Mayhew. For those of you scratching your heads, Peter Mayhew is Chewbacca! Chew-freakin’-bacca. I get to his table faster than Han Solo made the Kessel Run. My inner geek is jumping up and down clapping it’s hands. Mr. Mayhew and I enjoy a brief 10 minute conversation about the Con, how he’s been doing, and nothing in particular(I held back on any talk about bowcasters or how easy it is to fix a hyper-drive engine while navigating through an asteroid field). I wish him a good day and head back to our booth. I’m thinking the day can not get any more surreal than this. Then I brush shoulders with Snake Plissken or at least a guy who looks a whole lot like Snake and I correct myself. The day can get more surreal.
The gates open at 10 sharp. Being at the end of the aisle gives us a great vantage point as today’s wave of fans comes streaming in. The fine folks at Pendragon Costumes are right across the aisle from our booth. The amount of leather on hangers in their booth could make a dominatrix blush. They seem to specialize in corsets because every time I glanced over, the gentleman working the booth was tightening another leather corset around another woman’s waist. I have never seen so many pairs of women’s breasts get pushed up in a three day period than I did at the NY Comic Con. Business is buzzing. The guy who wore the Black Lightning uniform yesterday is back today in his Jon Stewart Green Lantern leotard now(and yes he does have the green contacts for his eyes too).
The ground swell of folks meandering their way around the aisles of the Comic Con, filing through $1.00 comic books and measuring statuettes, is even heavier than day one. You can no longer zip up and down the aisles as carelessly as you did yesterday. Now you have to circumvent the enter convention just to get to the downstairs for an $8.00 pretzel and soda.
Along with the bounty of Jedi forcing(sometimes I crack myself up) their way through the Con, Japanese anime characters I am wholly unaware of outside of a Kitara and a Naruto, I saw some new and interesting characters being represented.
The Mario Brothers.
Cobra Commander(obviously looking for the Baroness)
Harley Quinn(whose spandex looked as though they had reached the upper echelon of their elasticity)
Joker, upon Joker, upon Joker, upon Joker.
The Unemployed Skeletor.
Firestar(who I almost plowed over trying to get to the bathroom)
The Dark Knight himself Batman(Who not only wore the costume but when spoken to responded in the graveliest Dark Knight voice his accountant by day frame could muster. To say he was Comic Con gold may not be giving this Batman his due.)
Day 2 ends much in the same as 1 did. The tide goes back out(and down the escalators) leaving the tattered remains of the booths lining the Javits Center. Everyone’s feet hurt, our throats are dry from constant talking, we’re hungry, thirsty, and ready to close up for the day. We again hear that Sunday, the final day and also ‘Family Day’ is sold out. We don’t know if we want to laugh or cry. We do know we want to eat. So for now we are up, up and away until tomorrow.


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