Contemplating my ‘Origins’

I’m a fanboy. Growing up my heroes ranged from Mike Schmidt to Spiderman. Baseball cards were okay(I did love the sticker magazines with the gold All Star section) but comic books were my passion. The stories. The artwork. The heroes and their arch-villains. The single bound leaps over tall buildings.
Age has done nothing to quell that passion(much to my wife’s chagrin). My love of comic books and their mythos trumps even Lex Luthor’s disdain for the Man of Steel. With the onslaught of comic based movies ushered in over the past decade, my love has grown. To be able to sit in a movie theater and see the characters I have read about for years on the big screen is a thrill(laugh if you want but word has it these movies have combined for billions of dollars worth of ticket sales…I’m not alone on this one).
So here I sit, contemplating Saturday night. That is the night I will be going to see ‘Wolverine Origins’. I have seen every teaser and trailer television and the Internet had to offer(including the Adult Swim version, which was very good). I have beefed up on my Wolverine lore. I have been reading and rereading countless issues featuring Logan. From early John Byrne ‘Alpha Flights’ to Marvel Essentials(‘Enemy of the State’ is at the top of my favorite list).
I believe I’m ready. I’m psyched(ha ha). Then my brain turns to fanboy and I am bewildered at all of the time I have spent watching the trailers. I try to make sense of the movie. I can not figure out where Emma Frost, Cyclops, and Gambit fit into a Wolverine origin story(I could have sworn I saw a toddler Ororo Munroe in one of them too). I don’t understand Wolverine punching the Blob(who looks a little too much like ‘Fat Bastard’) in the head and hearing a ring bell sound? And what about the hair? Logan, in all of his stories(‘Origin’ maybe being the lone exception), has had the Logan hair.
If I telekinetically shove aside fanboy for a moment, I view all I have seen as being a exciting action flick with tons of special effects and tons of action. But like Bruce Banner’s Green Goliath alter ego, my fanboy rages forward and manages to interrupt a good thing and smashes.
I’m hoping ‘Wolverine Origins’ is ‘X-Men 2’. Or ‘Iron Man’. Or ‘The Dark Knight’.
I’m fearful ‘Wolverine Origins’ is going to be ‘Spiderman 3′. ‘Daredevil’ or any FF installment.
Marvel has shown it’s willingness to turn outstanding characters and their stories into a marketing tsunami the likes of which could give Hannah Montana a run for her over exposed money. I bring as evidence the Wolverine pop out claws that hit the market just in time for Christmas.
But I’ll have to wait for Saturday. Contemplating my ‘Origins’ and reading the stories that made me a fan of Wolverine in the first place. I might even bring some to the theater just in case Marvel forgot about them, Lord knows my fanboy certainly hasn’t.


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