Lessons from a Dog.

My dog Penny and I are quickly approaching our 1 year anniversary together (I’m thinking of getting her a peanut butter filled Kong and taking her on a nice long walk through the development as a gift).  In that time, she has learned from us (despite what my wife may think) things like sit, stop, off, go potty, treat, and of course no.  It is almost like having another child (coincidentally listens about as well as the kids do).  One that may not wear a diaper but would most likely try to eat one.  
But as Penny’s dog trainer John told us, as much as you teach them, they will teach you too.  Teach us she has.  All about the wonders of owning a Labrador/Retriever puppy with the energy equivalent to the Hiroshima blast.  
Here are just some of the things we have learned from Penny…
On walks, being able to see critters like rabbits, birds, other dogs, and neighbors gives me a chance to get my feet set and tighten up the leash before she takes off.  Think Quint in Jaws before the shark took his line and he belted, snapped, and locked himself in to his seat.  Same concept.

Always look behind me before walking to avoid tripping over the dog.

Try to remember I still have a cat.

Someone will always happy to see me when I come home.

Time means nothing.  5 minutes or 5 days, it’s all the same.

My socks, shoes, the coffee table, stuffed animals, picture frames, umbrellas, stink bugs, Trex decking, leather belts, and my wife’s Crocs all are viable chew toys.

It would be safer for me to be texting, drinking a boiling hot cup of coffee without a lid, smoking, and driving with my knees than letting the dog sit up front with me in the car.

Windows will be down on car rides, prevailing weather conditions be damned.

Her bark is much worse than her bite.

The world his her toilet.

If she jumps up and her head catches your nose, you will bleed.

When playing with the dog, the kids haven’t hit the floor that much since they wore diapers.

She keeps my side of the bed warm until I’m ready to go to sleep (bonus in the wintertime).

If you want to see her leg kick, roll her on her back and scratch between her hip, back and belly.  If she were a cat, she would purr.

She maintains a love/hate relationship with the cat (She loves the cat.  The cat hates her.)

At 75lbs, she continues to think of herself as a lap dog.

She gives me another reason, besides the three girls living in my house, to close the toilet seat.

She snores louder than I do.

Always be on the lookout in the backyard (I mentioned the world is her toilet?).

And of course, what I have learned the most is that she is, by far, this man’s best friend.



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