When I Laid Eyes on Her

January, 1998

Before I laid eyes on her…

I was home from college though I looked like I had just got back from a 3 month long Pearl Jam concert that was performed on a the side of a mountain.  I had sort of a Jeremiah Johnson meets Kurt Cobain sort of look.  I was unshaven, wore jeans most likely capable of walking themselves, four layers of shirts each with sleeves slightly shorter as they moved closer to fresh air.  And I was on my way, with a group of friends to meet up with a girl so all of us could go out.

Before I laid eyes on her…

I was in my car with a friend.  I emphatically expressed my new personal creed about the evils of relationships.  I told my friend to avoid being with anyone like Jim Carrey should avoid doing dramatic movies.  My skin still burned from relationships burnt in college. My current disheveled appearance may have served as a reminder of laundry money used for Happy Hours but it also was my stand against the opposite sex. I was not about to change who I was (who I was happened to be a dirty college senior who was too lazy to shave or shower regularly and wasted money on warm beer).

When I laid eyes on her…

She was home because of foot surgery. Our group obliged to pick her up on our way out. I saw her sitting in her parents’ living room. She had long blonde hair. Her makeup was subtle but visible. As I got closer to introduce myself I could smell her perfume. I can’t remember what she was wearing but I know it was perfect.

When I laid eyes on her…

I suddenly became very aware of my appearance. I tried my best to button one of my shirts and fix two of the collars on the others. I would have tried to pat down my jeans but I was afraid of causing a dust storm.  I was dressed for a hunting camp in Seattle. She was dressed to be anywhere so long as it wasn’t near me.  But we all went to a bar and sat at a table.  I was still holding firm to my creed of single life as we sat down even though I couldn’t get her perfume out of my nose.

When  I laid eyes on her…

She was sitting right across from me (or more than likely I had sat right across from her). We all talked, laughed, and poured beer into clear plastic cups.  I told the first of many bad jokes to make her laugh. When she did, I kept up with an unrelenting barrage of what I believed to be clever quips, one liners, and anecdotes to illicit more laughs.

When I laid eyes on her…

I caught myself trying to impress her.  I was going to any length to do so.  I would have pulled her hair and accused her of being a carrier of cooties had I thought it would have been effective.  I was captured by her. I forgot all about my hard line stance on being single. The burns of those former relationships cooled.

When I laid eyes on her…

At some point my ego was sufficiently filled by her laughter and her attention to me that I had completely forgotten about my appearance.  My confidence was high. My courage, helped along with the beer, suggested I ask her out despite a probable denial.  And so I did.  I asked her if she would like to see a movie with me the following night (I added I would shower and shave prior to going out).  To my surprise, she said “yes”.

I haven’t taken my eyes off of her since.


3 responses to “When I Laid Eyes on Her

  1. Andrea Thompson

    Wow! What a way w/words! Can you teach my husband?


  2. What a beautiful love letter to your wife! I read what you wrote about your daughters also and they are lucky to have daddy that adores them so much. Found you on blogfrog.


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