A Few Words for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here.  Jewelry, flowers, breakfast in bed (as long as it is served after 10am), and a day reserved for my wife to do whatever it is she would like to do. She has earned it.  She has earned it and more.

Her life revolves around our children (I fell off that list a long time ago).  Her love, it could go without being said, is endless for our girls.  She lights up even after a long stressful day of work when she sees them.  And while I could go on with the words about how wonderful a mother she is (and she truly is), I thought, before she got home from work, I would let it up to our girls come up with their own words to explain why, on this Mother’s Day, we celebrate their Mommy.

Emma (our 5 year old).

“So what makes Mommy so special? Emma….Emma!” I know they love their mother but I need a crowbar to pry them away from the Suite Life on Deck.


“What makes Mommy so special to you?”

“I don’t know?”

“Is there something she does that you like?”

“Ummm, she does nice stuff for us.”

“Ok. Anything else?”

“She feeds us dinner and she’s helpful. She lies in bed with us at night and she does nice things. Oh, Daddy, did you know her favorite color is green and mine is purple?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did you know she makes awesome food?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“She does. And sometimes she makes our beds. I’m going to make her breakfast. I love her.”

Hannah (our 8 year old).

“Hannah.” Nothing but a blank zombie like stare at the television. I begin contemplating if I should throw something at her head.



“Turn off that TV would you?”

“But Daddy, I want to watch this episode!” An episode she is reciting the words to right now.

“I want to know what makes Mommy so special to you.”

“She cooks for me. She works at the school for us. She tries to play with us when she can. She buys nice clothes for us.”

“Ok. That’s good. Anything else?”

“She makes us look nice and I love her.”

I tried to prompt them in to saying something else.  I guess I was looking for something profound? Something that would really strike a chord.  Something you might see in the pages of Reader’s Digest or a Parenting magazine. I wanted their words to really express how they felt about their Mommy. How she is a true inspiration and role model to them.  How she loves them so much it hurts.  How she would give up anything she has to give to them. Instead they ignored me and I stopped trying for a sound bite.

But instead of words, I see my girls run to the door when their mom gets home for work, hardly able to contain their excitement until she walks through the door.  I see them light up as much as their mom does when they are in her company.  They call for her to sit next to them even when I’m sitting right next to the both of them (they are more than ready to push me out-of-the-way). I see them curl up to her content and perfectly happy to be laying their heads on her lap.

I guess the words I was hoping to find weren’t really necessary to say. The kids “say” it all everyday.

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy.

Love, Hannah and Emma


7 responses to “A Few Words for Mother’s Day

  1. The kids DO “say it” every day. That’s why I, personally, tell my husband to please not make a big deal of the day. I feel a lot of pressure to make the day perfect, when in reality no day is. I’m disappointed if something goes wrong. This year I told my husband I want to go shopping for some new sheets for our beds for Mother’s Day. Secretly, I would have gone out next week and bought them anyway, because we really need them. This way there is no expectation on the day, and I know my family loves me every day. I don’t need a date marked on the calendar to tell me that.


    • I don’t think my wife does either but its nice that we honor the women who have given all of us so much. Enjoy the day. You deserve it. You all deserve it. Enjoy those sheets!


  2. For men like you who truly honor their wives (and I would guess you treat your mother the same), I think it’s great. I know my husband is the same and does his best to make the day special. So many men and grown children participate only out of obligation. That part bugs me. I will, however, take your advice and feel like I deserve the special day. My family is terrific, and I had a big part in helping to make it that way! 😉 I will enjoy the sheets, too!

    Okay, I have to share the strange family tradition my husband and I have for holidays. Ever since we got together we have not enjoyed gift-giving. To us both, it feels stressful. So, instead of exchanging gifts on holidays we decide to buy something for the house. One anniversary we finally got the water cooler we had been wanting, and I was so excited I couldn’t believe it. My friends thought I was nuts. Another year for my birthday, my husband laid laminate tile in the bathroom, taking out the ugly tile that had been there. I came home from school to a whole new bathroom floor. So, we have crazy gifts, but we love our little tradition. Just thought I would share so you could see why the sheets really are a terrific gift.

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC week! Karen- Karen’s Healthy Lifestyle. Come join me on my journey to figuring out a healthy and happy life!


  3. Ahhhhhh… great post! And true, we expect them to say such profound things when in truth action speaks louder than words!


    • Thanks. Don’t tell my wife, but she really deserves more than just one day on the calendar. All moms do. Have a great Mother’s Day weekend. Thanks for reading!


  4. Do you know what, in my opinion, is the greatest gift we moms & dads can give our children?……wonderful memories. By the sounds of it – that’s what you and your wife are doing. I’m grateful that I have wonderful memories of my mom and dad and my children tell me they’re grateful for the wonderful memories they have of growing up in such a happy, loving home.
    Enjoyed your blog.


    • Toys get old and we out grow clothing. The things that stay with us are the memories. Its what keeps my dad (who is dead) alive for me. And my mom’s actions always spoke louder than her words (unless she was mad at me) so that is what I have and that is what I hold on to.
      I really appreciate you reading and please, hold on to and enjoy those memories.


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