To my Mom

Dear Mom.

Thank you.

Thank you for being my mom and not my friend. I had lots of friends but only one of you.

Thank you for holding my hand crossing the street when I was a kid and teaching me to look both ways when crossing.

Your hugs and kisses are things of magic.

Thank you for holding me when I was scared during thunderstorms, when monsters threatened to get me at night and for sleeping on a cot in my hospital room when I was sick, somehow none of it seemed so scary when you were there.

You didn’t laugh when I told you I wanted to grow up and be Captain America. You did laugh when I told you jokes that were only funny to an 8 year old.

Thank you for leaning on me when I tried to push you away.  And even though I didn’t always listen (or hear you at all for that matter), you never stopped talking or teaching me.  You were right…about everything.

Thank you for letting me learn from my mistakes, all of them. There were a lot.

Just so you know, when I told you I was “studying” or at the “library”…I wasn’t (but you did know that already didn’t you?).

Thank you for answering the phone at 2am when there was an emergency and I needed someone to turn to.

But most of all, thank you for ignoring me when I tried to tell you I am a man, I don’t need a ‘mommy’, because I so do.

I love you. You’re the best.

Your son,



10 responses to “To my Mom

  1. This is beautiful – she obviously did something(s) right with raising you 🙂


  2. What Lori said! (Thanks for leading me here, Lori!)


  3. Beautifully written.
    How lucky your mom is to receive this
    How lucky you are to have her


  4. Wow, this made me well up. I have a son named jimmy and it reminds me of him. I am sure your mom is so proud of you. kudos.


  5. I’ve been meaning to stop by your site for a while now, I’m glad I did (even though I’m weeping like a baby now, THANKS A LOT BTW).


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