The Mystery of the Museum

The more I have been writing, the more my kids have been writing too.  My oldest, Hannah, keeps a journal of her own. Its part diary and part short story anthology.  She writes about her days, she writes about her pets.  She rewrites funny stories about her little sister, her mom, and me and, of course, she writes her own original stories.

What comes next is one of those stories.  She wrote it with no help from me. I edited it (only for grammar, all content is hers and hers alone). I’m posting it because she was so proud to read it to me and I have been busy with other projects so this made for a nice filler between posts, like a greatest hits flashback episode of your favorite sitcom.

I hope you enjoy it…because I loved it.

The Mystery of the Museum

By. Hannah E.

This is a story about two girls. One named Haley and one named Jade.  These girls go to a museum. A haunted museum.

Jade says to Haley, “Why don’t we stay till 12:00am?

Haley said to Jade, “Yes, we should.”

So the girls stayed at the museum.

Once it was 10:00pm, everything came alive. There were bats flying everywhere. The girls were confused and scarred at the same time. The girls were all alone in the dark museum.

Then 12:00am came and everything was fine and the doors opened.  Jade and Haley ran so fast it only took 5 minutes to get home.

Once they were home, they never went back to that museum again.


8 responses to “The Mystery of the Museum

  1. Cute! Like father, like daughter.


  2. Carlene Ettele

    Hannah, this story is great! Keep writing, baby. I love you. Grandmom


  3. Super cute! I love reading my kids stories!!


  4. Tell Hannah that she has a real knack for pacing – excellent story!


  5. That is cool. I love when the kids tell stories.


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