Founding a Father and Dove Giveaway!

I’ve always been a bar of soap sort of guy.  I figured if it was good enough for my hands before dinner, why not for all of me before work?  Before you take one long step back from me, I’m all for smelling good.  Just when it came to taking a shower, I either used a bar of soap or, since being married, the fluffy thing my wife hangs from the tub and Bodywash that smells more like a fruit salad than actual soap.  Plus, I don’t know how beneficial it was to use my wife’s ‘curl defining’ shampoo for the past 12 years has been for me considering I’m bald.

Which is why when Dove approached me about having a giveaway for my readers, I thought maybe my wife called them for help, but I also thought it would be a good opportunity.  I had the chance to use some of their products.  A few days ago, a package arrived at my house with Dove® Men + Care’s® Body and Face wash and their NEW Dove® Men + Care® Aqua Impact Deodorant and Antiperspirant.  And they also sent me a new fluffy thing but this one was a bit more…manly.

I’ve been using them and have been very happy with the results.  No more wimpy fluffy thing.  No more dried out skin from the bar of soap.  No more wise remarks from my wife about smelling like the kids’ hands before dinner.

You have a chance to use these same products, for free (not to worry, you won’t get my half used products; Dove will send you your own stuff)!

Want to smell like something other than a bouquet of flowers?  Do you keep dropping the bar of soap as you lather up an old wash cloth?  Tired of your kids laughing when they find out you use that thing that looks like the hair on one of their Troll pencils?  Or has all the curl in your hair lost its definition because your husband or boyfriend used up all your special, super expensive, shampoo?

You might be saying, “I do Jimmy, but how do I get my hands on this awesome stuff?”  I’m glad you asked.

All you have to do is comment.  That’s right, leave a comment and let me know what you are using to clean yourself up now.  Don’t worry, no one is going to laugh if you tell us you’ve been using something with Wheat Germ in…ha ha ha ha ha….I’m sorry.  No one is going to laugh anymore.

Leave your comment telling me what you are using to clean yourself up now.  That’s it.  Comments will be taken until Sunday night at midnight.  Then a winner will be picked at random, emailed about winning, and reap the rewards of their comment.  Rewards that will include the Dove® Men + Care’s® Body and Face wash and their NEW Dove® Men + Care® Aqua Impact Deodorant and Antiperspirant as well as one cool looking sponge for the Bodywash and an autographed basketball from either Shaquille O’Neal, Steve Nash, or Tom Izzo!

Good luck!


14 responses to “Founding a Father and Dove Giveaway!

  1. Right now I use Old Spice – Dinali Body Wash, but am looking for a change! This is a great giveaway!


  2. Dawn Young Fobes

    My husband uses Axe and some other body wash that I can’t remember the name of so when he asks me to get his body wash I can honestly get another brand since I can’t remember what he uses. I love and use Dove products so would love to see that he could get some free products to use and maybe win him over to the Dove line.


  3. my husband is using gillete body wash thanks


  4. I’m rockin’ Old Spice Red Zone in my pits. As for my shower products, I’m not afraid to admit I use a loofah, and with it I dutifully apply a cheap generic body wash. We used to get a name brand of something I can’t remember, but now that we’re a one-income family I go with the cheap stuff. Which is why I am an excellent candidate for free products.


  5. I currently use Old Spice MATTERHORN. I love it.


  6. We aren’t just supposed up go down to the water hole and scrub our selves with mud? I get whatever soap is on sale and currently use an Axe hair product. I have to use one of those fu fu sponges that is all te rage with the female crowd. I need Doves help!


  7. Right now, I’ve got some Irish Spring that refuses to rinse off in our water…or Axe with my ‘man-scrubber’. 😀 I’m always up for some new stuff, so bring on the new stuff!


  8. dadofthedecade

    I clean myself solely with man-sweat, motor oil, and the manly confidence that comes with manhood.

    And, you know, gilette body wash. MAN wash.


  9. dadofthedecade

    I cleanse myself solely with man-sweat, motor oil and the confidence that comes from a natural, manly musk.

    And gilette body wash. MAN scrub!


  10. Daddy Knows Less

    It’s called a loofa and I’m proud to admit I use one. Why? Ask my wife. Something about exfoliating. and not to be a tescher’s pet, but we use Dove body wash too. It’s delicious.


  11. I use whatever my wife buys for me; sometimes Old Spice, sometimes, Dove, sometimes Aveeno, but no matter what, she always gets good stuff. I use one of the “lather makers” too.


  12. My husband uses old spice.


  13. Thank you all for the comments and Congratulations to Ben from dadofthedecade for winning!


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