The Parent Olympics

So you’ve taken a sudden interest in the kayaking slalom event?  You’re sitting on your couch making critiques about the front tucks of the Russian gymnastic team’s floor routine?  Of course you are because the Olympics are in full swing!

Every four years, we’re treated to the best in athletic competition in sports we don’t pay a whole lot of attention too (say what you want but I know you didn’t have a clue there was such a thing as synchronized diving).

The athletes in the games have devoted their lives for the chance at Olympic greatness.  They have sacrificed their time to being the best, put forth effort, money, sweat, and possibly put to the side their own personal lives all for this opportunity.

What Olympic athletes have done is well worth our respect and it also brings to mind another group of people who have mirrored this sort of devotion. Parents.

Parents have given up most things in their lives.  We’ve given our time, effort, money (and our beds during bad thunderstorms) without the possibility of winning a medal.  Every day, parents around the world compete with their kids (who are usually whiny) but thankfully without any Bob Costas analysis.  We both have our arenas and courts.  Parents’ happen to be in restaurants, public bathrooms, lines in the grocery store, and our homes.  While we may not be the physical specimens our Olympic athletes are (Unless you throw in the archers. They could double as bowlers.) , we may not have trained a lifetime for our events we will be “competing” in them for the rest of our lives.  Both parents and athletes understand the meaning of sacrifice, working on a team, and achieving specific goals and having nothing else matter in the world more than our sport…or our kids.

In fact, Olympiads and Parents are so closely related, if it weren’t for our Olympic athletes’ chiseled bodies and resting blood pressure rate of 32, you may not even be able to tell us apart.

You can run a 100m race in under 10 seconds?  We can maneuver in a public restroom stall with our kid while trying to cover the toilet seat with paper before they wet their pants.

So in the spirit of the games of the 2012 London Olympics, may I present to you some of the games of the Parent Olympics.


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3 responses to “The Parent Olympics

  1. Well, I may never wear a bikini again but I DO have chiseled arms, thanks to lifting a 30lb+ tot who’s “too tired” to walk. Guess he’ll never be an Olympic runner. Shot-putter, maybe. Great post!


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