New York Comic Con

Although I can’t pinpoint the exact date, I know my first comic book show (as they were known then) I attended was over 25 years ago.  My dad took me to the Holiday Inn on the 5th Street Highway in Reading, PA.  The conference room, which at the time seemed as big as a football field to me, was filled with boxes of back issues, retailers peddling their wares, and the din of geek was as loud as a whisper from Black Bolt himself.

I was in absolute heaven.  I ran to each folding table that had been filled with comics to finger through the issues in search of everything on the list I “needed” (yes, I had a list).  At the time, I never thought life could get any better than a room filled with comic books.

Fast forward to this past weekend.

I spent my Sunday in New York City, at the Jacob M Javits Center with my nephew at the New York Comic Con.  On Sunday alone, there would be more people walking through the doors and down each aisle of the conference center than the entire population of the town I grew up in.

Read the rest of this post and see the pictures from Comic Con at Dads Round Table


2 responses to “New York Comic Con

  1. How cool that you & your nephew share that interest! There was a story in the paper here about a local 25yo who just got a 6-fig deal from Disney to pen a graphic novel. He started out drawing Superman w/ his mom at age 2!


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