Never Too Early

Nothing is too early for my kids.  They could go to bed after midnight and be up at the crack of dawn.  If I made them lunch at 9:30 in the morning, it wouldn’t be early enough.  It is never too early for candy or to go to Grandmom’s house, or to ask me for a soda.

While I begrudgingly wake up with them (by ‘begrudgingly’, I mean they jumped directly on to my midsection with knees and elbows prone for attack) and if they are on their games, I’ll make them lunch before 11am, in my eyes, most things my kids do is much too early.

Case in point, the other night.

It was Wednesday, I was off, and the kids and I were eating the mish-mash of leftovers I cobbled together from the refrigerator for dinner.  Wednesday nights are my chance for me to talk to my kids.  The TV is off, I don’t answer the phone, and we eat microwave heated food and we talk.

Usually our conversations are about school, their friends, what we might do this weekend, and me imploring them to stop feeding the dog their food.  But last week, my daughter brought up the D.A.R.E program her intermediate school has for the students (D.A.R.E being Drug Abuse Resistance Education).  A local police officer comes in to my oldest daughter’s school to talk to them about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

Mid-way through hearing Hannah, who up until late last year believed Santa Claus was real, talk about ‘gateway drugs’ and ‘marijuana’, I thought to myself, is it too early for the school to be talking about this with the kids?

Need to find out how this ends?  You can read the rest of the post at Dads Round Table.


4 responses to “Never Too Early

  1. We haven’t gotten to those conversations yet but I feel you on the “too early” part. I always laugh bitterly when someone suggests that maybe the kids will sleep in if they stay up late.


  2. I am so dreadfully sorry your kids get up so early, that must be a crime somewhere…I remember the DARE program when I was in elementary school!


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