In Search of a Sitter

During last night’s #DadsRT twitter chat, we were talking about being able to get away with your spouse on a date night.  As we rapid fired tweets, the topic of babysitting came up.  For those of us who are unable to leave our children alone in the same room together let alone home alone, babysitting is a key element to having a date night. Because some of us have lacked babysitting services, we have forsaken date night.

How can you spend a night out with your sweetheart if you don’t have anyone to keep a close eye on the tiny people you are so quick to abandon for a night out as a couple?  While I’ve joked in the past about duct taping them to their beds for a few hours, the reality is who has that much duct tape lying around the house for that sort of project?

You might need to find a new babysitter…oh, and you’re going to want to go ahead and call the cops too.

We need babysitters.

But finding a babysitter can be a little like a 13th Century conquistador finding the Fountain of Youth.  So how can parents, keen on a little alone time, find a babysitter? One you can trust, is affordable, and willing to spend a Saturday night with your kids so you don’t have to?

Head on over to Dads Round Table to find out where you can find a babysitter. Just click HERE.  Or HERE.  Or even……………HERE.


6 responses to “In Search of a Sitter

  1. 2 things:
    1 – didn’t know there was a #DadRT twitter chat
    2- we have never been able to find consistent, reliable babysitters. We have periodic quality help. But, despite years of parenting, we have yet to come up with a consistently dependable situation. We don’t have family close by. I wish we did.
    Here’s some irony, as soon as our oldest was old enough to watch our brood for an evening, people began offering him unbelievable amounts to babysit their kids, which of course means he is hardly ever here to watch ours!
    It is important, though, to have that time, so pay whatever you have to and go for it. Just please don’t hire my son. I am hoping to get into his schedule sometime in the next six months!


  2. I guess we are lucky. We have 3 babysitters on our street (high schoolers), one high school cousin and one daughter of a work friend. The hardest part is sharing the work between them. We have 1 date night per week, every week. We also use sitters on weekends when extra busy and my wife also has a weekday morning helper (a college student). It’s terribly expensive at $10 per hour for our 3 kids, but it’s more expensive to have 2 house payments. I don’t think it is a problem a man can’t easily “solve”? It’s what we do best! Sometimes it takes our wife to say “I’m just don’t feel really happy with our marriage right now” to light the fire. Or, us to assume it’s coming….(hugs and kisses) :>


    • We try to do one date night every month and once a week, after the kids go to school we do breakfast one morning.
      We’re lucky too because my 16yo niece babysits for us and is a godsend and cheap.


  3. I do not have enough words to explain how much I approve of that photo. Let’s just say I’m inspired. Right this moment I’m calculating how much duct tape it will take to do the same to my 4yo and 6yo. You threw down the gauntlet. I am rising to the occasion.



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