Deodorant and a Necktie

I can remember rummaging through my room trying to find something for my Dad to open on his birthday.  It was usually something I found at the bottom of the toy box or something I had long since lost all the accessories to.  He opened many a Star Wars action figure missing the sliding lightsaber in the forearm, GI Joe figures without whatever weapons they had come with when I first opened them, and comic books I had read a hundred times over.

I can also remember my Mom buying him presents for my sister and I to give to him for his birthday on February 7th.  My Dad was a simple man or at least that was the benchmark for a birthday budget my Mom was using.  He didn’t need spa weekends, golf lessons, or fancy watches.  Most years, he was quite content to redeem his coupon for ‘1 Free Hug’ or unwrap the Godfather of gifts to give to your Dad, a stick of deodorant and a necktie.

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2 responses to “Deodorant and a Necktie

  1. Aww, Happy birthday to your dad! I did go read the rest of the post, but I wanted to comment here. I think its amazing that your girls know his birthday and remind you (as if you could forget). I am so sorry for your loss, 7 years is a long time. I gave my dad a tie once, and yes I’m sure deodorant as well..I don’t think my dad has worn a tie a day in his life, but I know he saved it. I will always be a daddy’s girl. Very nice as usual!


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