Totally Radical

My kids are entrenched in the culture of today, happy to gobble up all the music, movies, TV, toys, and World Wide Web has to offer.  What concerned me as a parent was my kids growing up with no regard for what preceded reality shows and Bratz dolls, who came before One Direction, and how we watched television without being able to fast forward through the commercials.  I wanted to let my kids know there was a world before Facebook and cell phones.

So I have slowly and meticulously introduced the culture of my childhood in to their lives.  I have let them watch the movies, listen to the music, and take the time to explain where some of their favorite shows on Disney and Nickelodeon get their references (like the iCarly ‘Seinfeld’ and Victorious ‘Breakfast Club’ ones were the most enjoyable).

So what do I want my kids to know about when I was growing up?

Find out what I want my kids to learn about at Dads Round Table, right HERE


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