Roadhouse Parenting. The Zen of Dalton

In 1989, the world was given Roadhouse.  Directed by Rowdy Herrington (with a name like that, who better to direct this movie) and starring Patrick Swayze as Dalton.  A bar bouncer who is tough as titanium nails dipped in fire from a dragon’s belly but able to wax philosophic at a moment’s notice. If Descartes and John Rambo could somehow defy human anatomical laws and have a kid, that butt-kicking kid would be Dalton.

In Roadhouse, Dalton is faced with the uneasy task of turning round the Double Deuce. A bar so seedy and rundown, even the Mos Eisley Band, Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, wouldn’t play there.  Dalton kicks, punches, drinks coffee, philosophizes, and rips throats out along the way to getting the Deuce back on its feet again.

As an 80’s action/thriller, Roadhouse does not disappoint. So you might saying, “Yeah Jimmy, we know Roadhouse is a totally awesome movie and we have already attempted to rip out Dave from Human Resources’ throat to see if it is possible, but what does that have to do with parenting?”  I’m glad you asked.  Just because Dalton’s forte is cleaning up dive bars and having his hands registered as lethal weapons doesn’t mean his philosophical nuggets of wisdom don’t hold truths for exhausted parents as much as they do for his fellow coolers, Kelly Lynch, 40-year old adolescents, felons, power drinkers and trustees of modern chemistry….

Read the rest of the philosophical wisdom of Dalton at Dads Round Table.

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3 responses to “Roadhouse Parenting. The Zen of Dalton

  1. You had me at Roadhouse! I am most definitely nice until it’s time not to be nice. Then I start cracking skulls.


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