Be Sure to Thank Them

If you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide.  Figure out an equation or at least recognize one. If you ever figured out y=mx+b or tried to calculate equidistant,  even and odd numbers, an exponent, and empty set, fixed numbers, function, fractions, mixed fractions or fixed numbers.  Followed the Addition or Cumulative Rule, added algorithms, acute angles, looked at cones, cylinders, parallelograms, prisms, pyramids, trapezoids, triangles, rays, reciprocals, rhombuses, chords, or anything that is convex or concave.  Know a square is always a rectangle but not vice versa, what length x width equals, cosines, tangents, and sine’s, the mean, mode, and model, points, points of symmetry, and why Pythagoras is so important.  Can say dodecahedron, radii, polyhedron, and vertices without fumbling them.  If you have ever used slopes, sets, spheroids, square roots, x, y, a, or b as a substitute for a number or had a line that was skew, obtuse, parallel or slanted…

Read the rest of my tribute to our educators at DADS ROUND TABLE.

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