Wizard World Philly

What better way to wrap up our month of Geek at Dads Round Table than by attending a Comic Book Convention? Well, besides using Mjolnir at a carnival High Strike game that is.

Sunday, I did just that (went to a Comic Book Convention…bet you thought I used Mjolnir didn’t you?).

My wife and I drove down to the Philadelphia Convention Center and jumped head first in to the tidal wave of Geek the Wizard World Comic Book Convention had to offer.  And what it had to offer was a little bit of everything for all sorts of fanboys and fangirls.

It was my wife’s first time at a convention and if you have never been to one, it can be a little overwhelming. Like realizing Galactus is coming to Earth and you lost the combination to the safe that has your Ultimate Nullifer in it.

The Wizard World Convention is not unlike any other larger (or smaller for that matter) show.  Rows and aisles of toys, comics, posters, knick knacks, samurai swords, zombies, Manga characters, bootlegged DVD’s, artists, creators, celebrities you may love, and celebrities you may have forgotten about (I’m looking at you Dean Cain).

Check out the rest of the post and see my pictures from the Wizard World Comic Con at Dads Round Table…HERE

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One response to “Wizard World Philly

  1. Thanks for this glimpse into my future, as the mom of a comic-crazed kid. Lucky me. 🙂


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