Ghostbusters Parenting. Advice for New Parents

Anyone who read my Roadhouse post about parenting should understand a few things about me.  One, I found it entirely possible to extrapolate advice for parents from a movie in which one guy rips the throat out of another guy with his bare hands, two, I may have more time on my hands than is good for me, and three, if Hollywood has taught us anything it is that there is no need to purchase expensive books by celebrities or “experts” about parenting when you could just pop in a DVD or scroll through your cable for sound advice.

Case in point, Ghostbusters.  If you haven’t the 1984 movie starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, and Sigourney Weaver…I’m not sure we can be friends.  I first saw Ghostbusters at the Majestic Theater in Mt Penn, PA when it first premiered in theaters.  Since that first time at the Majestic, I have seen the movie somewhere north of 3000 times.  I have seen it so many times, as a kid, I was able to recite the entire movie (even the swear words).  I have met and befriended people online because of this movie.

With such pedigree behind it, it should come as no surprise, as I was trying to come up with a post offering advice to new parents, I would think of Ghostbusters.  The 7 quotes I chose just break the surface of wisdom lining the celluloid of this movie.  I could have picked from countless others but thought it best to stop otherwise I would have just posted the entire movie for you all to watch and been done with it.

So with this restraint in mind, I was able to put together what I believe is timeless advice for the new parents out there.  No stuffy medical terms.  No celebrity trying to pass off valuable advice (they most likely learned from their nannies).  Just advice new parents may find useful as quoted to them by the best, the beautiful, the only…Ghostbusters*.

So without further ado…you may read the rest of this sage advice at Dads Round Table. Right HERE.

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