The Jon Gosselin Interview pt 2

Yesterday was the first part of the exclusive interview with Jon Gosselin of ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ fame.  Jon opened up about a whole slew of things, his time in the spotlight and his challenges as a dad.  Today is the final part of the interview which starts here.  You can read the rest of the interview at Dads Round Table…


Do they actively plot against you?

They don’t plot against me and I know whose lying. I don’t go to the girls because they’ll lie right to my face. I’ll go to Aaden. He’ll look right at the ground every single time. ‘Is that true?’ (Jon puts his head down playing out how his oldest boy does) Apparently not (Laughs).

So, moving to where you did, obviously it was for privacy sake, which is understandable, but was it also for security?

Oh yeah, for security. I’m a licensed gun owner. I used to have bodyguards. Even when my former wife was still filming without me, she and the kids had bodyguards. But I didn’t own custody so for 4 days a week, I don’t have a bodyguard but when they go home they do have a bodyguard so how do you…

Read the 2nd and final part of the Jon Gosselin Interview right HERE

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2 responses to “The Jon Gosselin Interview pt 2

  1. Wow– this was fun to read. You know what got me? How he said it was so hard for people to see him as a network engineer. In that whole show, we never really saw John Gosslin, the person, I don’t think.


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