Wonder Woman. Episode 2

Gateway City

The circuitry of Doctor Cyber’s armor crackles with energy. She has created a link between her armor and the city’s power grid and is now siphoning Gateway City’s power to energize her advanced weapon systems. From the city street, she is ripping out blasts of energy from her hands. As Wonder Woman picks herself up out of the coffee shop she had just been blasted through by the villain, the Amazon thinks to herself, Doctor Cyber is much more powerful than she can remember.

“You have no idea how powerful I have become Wonder Woman! I am so much more than fists and flying now. So long as there is energy, I can tap in to it!” Doctor Cyber lifts her arms in to the air and as she does, TV screens, people’s cell phones, street lights, anything electronic within the area begin to have their power drained by Wonder Woman’s longtime foe.

“Now it is my time to watch you burn Wonder Woman! Now it is time for you to feel the pain I have felt!” Doctor Cyber lowers her arms and directs her hands at Wonder Woman. Her hands begin to glow blue with the building energy Doctor Cyber has consumed from the city…

Read episode 2 at Dads Round Table:  Episode 2

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