Wonder Woman. Episode 5

Wonder Woman has just touched down in Anobi, a small village in Kahndaq outside of the capital city of Shiruta. Before she can take two steps the Amazon is overtaken by the carnage all around her from Black Adam’s military forces.

 *     *     *     *

Wonder Woman has to shake her head to regain her senses. She has to concentrate on focusing past the death around her as she begins to move in to the village. Anobi is in ruins and while it is enough to overcome even the most powerful of wills, Wonder Woman does not look away from the path of destruction lining the streets. It is a powerful reminder of what Black Adam has wrought and serves to strengthen her resolve for her mission.

From Anobi, she need only to head north to enter Shiruta. Wonder Woman decides against flying it being far to difficult to mask her presence soaring through the sky. Instead she opts to walk the few miles to the capital. It is almost sunset in Kahndaq which will serve her well. Better to slip in to the city under the cover of night. Wonder Woman walks past what is left of the last building in the village and hesitates. Wonder Woman is the child of gods, her senses are acute enough to detect differences in odors passing in the wind, able to see further than any mortal, and hear even the slightest of noises. It is just that which causes her to spin back towards the village with the speed of Ares. The sound of what reminds her of someone shifting their weight in the rubble of the building. Wonder Woman lunges towards what would be the inside of the building with her defenses primed. She is ready for action if it is called for.

“Come out coward. Cease your useless hiding and face me!” Wonder Woman intimidating growl is said in perfect Arabic…

Read the rest at Dads Round Table:  Episode 5

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