Wonder Woman 11

Wonder Woman has just felt the power of Black Adam. While trying to talk to the dictator about what he did to the citizens of the Kahndaq village of Anobi, tempers rose and Black Adam sent lightning crashing down on to the Amazon Princess. The result was Wonder Woman crashing in to the street outside of the capital building.

* * * * *

“Diana? Diana! Wake up!” Sarita was the first person to get to Wonder Woman. She slid down in to the impact crater her friend had made and is now shaking her arm. She is scared to the point of not being able to move but something inside of her pushes her.

“You can not be dead! Wake up damn you!!”

Sarita waits for Diana to open her eyes and answer her. The pause as she waits seems like an eternity……..

Read the rest of part 11 at Dads Round Table, RIGHT HEREJust icon logo

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