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Point Break for Parents. The Wisdom of Bodhi

Before Kathryn Bigelow was making Academy Award winning movies like ‘The Hurt Locker’, she was doing really good work with her 1991 action film, Point Break.

Point Break is the story of an FBI agent (Keanu Reeves) who goes undercover in order to catch a band of bank robbing surfers committing their grand theft dressed as ex-Presidents.  The premise alone is enough to have me glued to the television but Point Break goes one step further and has Gary Busey in it too. Gold.

But the real star of the movie is Patrick Swayze, (who you know from my Zen of Parenting post as the butt kicking bar bouncer Dalton) who commands the screen as Bodhi.  A wise soul who happens to rob banks by day then carves up a gnarly set of waves later in the day and then finishes up his day with bodacious beach parties.  If scientists were able to create a human clone by taking DNA samples from Friedrich Nietzsche, the Hawaiian Shark God Ukupanipo, John Dillinger, Jonathan Cabot from ‘Gymkata’, and threw a Farrah Fawcett wig on him, you would have Bodhi.

So you might be saying, “Yeah Jimmy, we know Point Break is a totally awesome movie and we have already attempted to round up anyone from accounting willing to surf and rob banks with us, but what does that have to do with parenting?”  I’m glad you asked.  Bodhi’s wisdom permeates into parenting as easily as he is able to get his deck to duck dive the waves.  Plus while he is violent, he isn’t too violent.  He would rather use his mind and a little bit of intimidation before he resorts to cracking patellas and crushing larynxes.  A wise risk taking person who is able to intimidate and use his hands as deadly weapons?  Sounds like a parent to me.

*Feel free to use your best Keanu Reeves voice if reading this aloud…

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8 Movie Dads We (Almost) Forgot

Google ‘Best Movie Dads’ and a list as long as Hammurabi’s Code of Top 10’s, Top 15’s, All-Time, Most-Memorable will fill your screen.  While it is great someone took the time to list for us the top fathers from the silver screen, there is a bit of an issue I have.  These lists don’t change.  The only thing that is different among any of them is how long they are and the numerical position of each name.

On most of these lists you’ll see Bryan Mills, Clark Griswold, Chris Gardner, and Professor Henry Jones, Marlin the Clownfish, Vito Corleone, and Atticus Finch. These names are fine but some names of the Dads on these lists don’t even belong on a list of Great Movie Dads.  Darth Vader was responsible for the destruction of an entire planet, cut off his son’s hand, tried to get him to become evil, and after watching his son take half a dozen force lightning strikes finally decided to help (no disrespect to my favorite Sith Lord, I sleep on a Darth Vader pillow case).  John Maclane was such a good dad, his wife and kids moved from NYC to Los Angeles without him. And even after single-handedly taking down international gun-toting thieves, jumping off of a high rise using a fire hose as a bungee cord, coining a signature catchphrase, and multiple sequels, his family was always considered to be “estranged” from him.

I want to add new names to these lists for Top Movie Dads so I did some digging.  I wanted to find Dads you haven’t seen on a list from Babble, or Entertainment Weekly, or Film Magazine.  Dads who you may not have thought of. Dads who deserve a place on the list, in my opinion, before some of the other ones who are firmly entrenched there. I think I have succeeded.

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