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Wonder Woman. Part 7

Black Adam and his superpowered partner, Atom Smasher, have just survived an assassination attempt in the middle of Shiruta, the capital city of Kahndaq. Meanwhile, outside of Shiruta, only a few miles south of the city, in the village of Anobi, Wonder Woman has come to Kahndaq to face Black Adam and make him answer for slaughtering almost 100 people from the village of Anobi.

* * * * *

“Diana, I do not understand why you want to go back to Shiruta to see Black Adam. I have witnessed his power. His ruthlessness.”

“As have I young Sarita which is why I am not going to pick a fight with him. I am going to make him answer for what he did to your village and to your people.”

“How will you do that?”

“Black Adam is not the only one with power.” Wonder Woman lets a sly smile cross her lips.

“Come with me Sarita.” Wonder Woman leads Sarita to her invisible jet.

“Where are we going Diana? You walk as if you have a destination but there is nothing here?”

“Are you sure?” Wonder Woman puts her hand up. To Sarita, it looks as if she is waving, to no one. Then Sarita hears a chime and a flash of light coming from Wonder Woman’s hand. Wonder Woman steps back and a door opens and steps extend to their feet.

“What is this Diana?”

“This is my jet. Come.” Wonder Woman takes Sarita’s hand as the pair walk up the steps. Sarita rubs her eyes to see if she is hallucinating. She is walking up a set of steps in to a door that has opened from nothing.

“It was a gift from my mother and who’s history is too long to enter in to now. But it is how I came to your country this day.”

Sarita has never been in a car let alone a jet, especially and invisible one. She walks up in to the fuselage of the jet with her mouth agape and eyes wide.

“Sit Sarita.”

The young woman sits without looking at the seat. Her eyes are transfixed across the entire ship. Wonder Woman slips in the front of the jet and emerges with food.

“Here. You look as if you have not eaten in days.”

Sarita is snapped back to her senses at the aroma of the food. She begins devouring the food Wonder Woman brought out for her.

“Sarita, I want you to stay in the jet while I am gone. Its invisibility will cloak you from sight and keep you safe. You are welcome to anything here.”

Through a mouth full of food, “I am staying with you.”

“I believe that to be a bad idea Sarita. While I am hopeful all of this can be resolved peacefully, if the need for action arises, I may not be able to keep you safe.”

“I am coming with you. I can help you get to Shiruta quickly and quietly if need be. I can help you.” Sarita looks up at Wonder Woman. Her eyes convey a sense of strength to the Amazon and also of defiance.

“I sense that if I tell you to stay you would only follow me.” Sarita nods emphatically through gulps of the food. Wonder Woman hesitates for a long time.

She looks directly at Sarita until eventually, “When you finish, we leave.”

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Wonder Woman. Episode 6

Wonder Woman has landed in Anobi, a small village in the Middle Eastern Country of Kahndaq. She has come to confront the ruler of Kahndaq, Black Adam who 2 days ago, slaughtered everyone from the Anobi village except for one teenage girl.  Wonder Woman has met that girl.  Now the two are making their way to Shiruta, the capital of Kahndaq and Black Adam.

*     *     *     *     *

Shiruta, capital city of Kahndaq

Black Adam walks the streets of the capital of Kahndaq. Shiruta is Kahndaq’s largest and oldest city. During its beginning days as a city, Shiruta (its original name is unknown. Shiruta was Black Adam’s first wife’s name) fell under the watchful and powerful eye of Black Adam. In 1600 BC, all of Kahndaq is burnt to the ground, including Shiruta, by the supervillain Ahk-Ton. Black Adam’s wife and child were killed which caused him to take extreme measures in the area. His ferocity in protecting his country resulted in the wizard Shazam stripping Adam of his powers and inprisoning him for centuries. In the time that Black Adam is enprisoned, Kahndaq and its capital Shiruta experience a resurgence. Once again Shiruta reaps the economic benefits of being a port city. Travelers of all races, colors, creeds, and reasons found their way to Shiruta. During the Third Crusade in the 12th Century, Richard the Lionheart used Shiruta as a staging area for the church’s holy war.

In the years that followed the Crusades, Shiruta remained an important city in the region. It was not until the oppressive regimes of the 19th and 20th Century did the decline of the once great city begin. Upon his freedom from his imprionment, Black Adam again became Kahndaq’s protector after overthrowing the dictator Asim Muhunnad. Shiruta is Black Adam’s city. Since its inception centuries ago and today.

Black Adam walks confidently through the streets of Shiruta. Only days removed from his mass execution of the people from Anobi, Black Adam’s gait shows no signs of remorse about the killings. He walks proudly and confidently down the street. He does so to allow his people to see him.  To watch him.  To fear him.  He is accompanied by his Chief of Security and fellow superhuman, Albert Rothstein, aka Atom Smasher.

“Don’t you worry about a response?” Atom Smasher does not share all of his friend’s confidence.

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